Friday, January 18, 2013

Hooked Up With R5

Are you updated on R5? Well, I'm here to help! A few changes has happened to the R5 "calendar".

  • Instead of "Teen Beach Musical", it is now called "Teen Beach Movie". Still coming out this summer! There is commercials on YouTube!
  • LOUD is now coming out February 19th, not January. Still going to be a blast!
  • has been updated, go check it out!
  • R5 just got done with their East Coast Tour!

Ross' birthday was December 29th, so he is now 17!(: 
Ryland also got his own icon- $$

Are you excited for #LOUD?! What are you looking forward too? Comment below!

Go to and go check out the new lay out! Also, there is a fan website called that R5 sends prizes you can win! Go sign up! It's a lot of fun. They also have a twitter- @Ready5etROCK

Friday, October 12, 2012

R5 Projects and the Website Info

R5 Projects!

A few things have happened and are going to happen here in 2012 and January 2013! One thing that has happened is just a few weeks ago the Austin & Ally soundtrack has came out in stores and about 1-2 weeks ago it reached #1 on the charts!! I wonder what Ross' face looked like(;

Now, in January 2013, the R5 album is said to release! Who's exicted for THAT!?!?! I am, of course. Some songs that will be on the album are "Crazy 4 U", "What Do I have to Do", "Cali Girls", "Wishing I was 23", and more!
Are you missing R5 concerts and there in or very close to your town?! No problem! If you haven't visted, they have all the tour dates and everything.! R5 runs the website themselfs, if you didnt know.
Here is a little knowledge about the website. On the home page, they give you the latest "R5 TV". They also give you the latest @officialR5 tweet, which says now: " Just posted a photo". It also has who all liked R5 on Facebook and there up coming shows. And lastly on the home page, their latest Istagram picture!
On the ABOUT tab, there is just a 3 paragraph description of R5 and pictures of Riker, Ratliff, Rydel, Rocky, and Ross.
On the NEWS tab, it just tells what updates, concerts and activies that R5 has done.
On the VIDEO tab, it takes you to YouTube, and you will see all the R5 TV's.
On the OUR TOUR tab, you'll see R5 concerts and upcoming events. One of my favorite tabs(;
And last, on the FAN CLUB tab, youll get to sign up for all the updates of R5! If you are signed up, itll take you to a new window amd it will show you 3 more tabs! Event Home, Shopping Cart, and My Account! Go sign up!!!

And the last big announcement, Teen Beach Musical will be coming out in the summer of 2013!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rocky Mark Lynch

Funny... Guitarist... Singer... Surfer... Hair Flipper(;. These are just a few words to describe Mr. Rocky Lynch!

Rocky is 17 and loves to play guitar. He plays guitar and singers in the family band. Rocky LOVES to surfer and be hilarious! If you didn't watch the new R5 TV, heres your link: R5 TV- Surfin' Safari!. My favorite part was this: "Ross is now a proffessional photographer" "Wow! Really? Really Rocky?" "And Ryland is trying to be a proffessional boxer" "And Rocky.. thinks hes funny!(Ross)". And another one of my favorite parts is this: "You see that lizard? Ya, im gonna go get it. Ready, im gonna get it!(Rocky)" "Ryland, go caught the lizard. Im a little scared" LOL(: Rocky doesnt think hes funny, he IS funny!

We all want to know how Rocky's name came to be. Well, Riker, being the best brother he can be, named Rocky. Riker also said if he didnt name Rocky, Rocky, then R5 wouldnt have been the band name.!

Ok, so Rocky is a pretty awesome guy, right?! And all awesome guys have fans of course, but also haters. Fans and haters LOVE to make Rocky accounts just to make themselves happy... No no no. Here is the REAL Rocky account:
Twitter- @rockyR5

Guys and Gals, Rocky wants us to know his fans mean the world to him and he loves us all. I know he does. Isnt that what Twitter's for?! LOL Well, we love you too, Rocky!

Do NOT forget to go to and check out the lastest news and upcoming concerts about R5!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Ellington] Lee Ratliff

Funny... Sarcastic... Hilarious... Different... Amazing... Drummer... These are just a few words to describe Ratliff! Ratliff is the Drummer of the band and the Best Friend. Riker, Ross, Rydel, Rocky, and Ryland see him as a brother, though. Ratliff is always looking for something fun to do. Never giving up on looking for a laugh or two. Ratliff's favorite color is green and loves mustaches. To bad he doesnt have one... YET! Ratliff is the kind of person if you sad and need to feel better, you go to him for a smile and a laugh.(: Ratliff starred in the movie, "The Muppets". Ratliff is 19 years old and proud of it! Ratliff also likes to support his "little brother", Ross, at his Austin and Ally LIVE tapings. Ratliff is VERY different and like no one else I've ever met. Thats a great thing, too! Wanna know A LOT more about Ratliff?! You've got to follow him on Twitter!
Ratliff's VERIFIED Twitter- @ratliffR5
Does Ratliff have a Facebook? NO!!!! RATLIFF DOES NOT HAVE AN ADD FRIEND FACEBOOK, SO PLEASE DONT BE TRICKED! Ratliff does have a LIKE PAGE, but NO add friend profile.!
Make sure to go to and read the latest news about R5!(:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Miss. Rydel Mary Lynch

Rydel Lynch… Pretty… Keyboardist… Pinkalicious! Rydel Lynch has grown up living with 6 guys in her life along with one great Mama! Rydel fits in with her brothers and dad, though. She loves being around 5 crazy guys all the time. Rydel is the Keyboardist and a singer of R5. Rydel is the third oldest at 18! Rydel actually tried, along with Riker, to be in the movies High School Music 2 and High School Music 3, but when they found out Riker and Rydel’s ages, they couldn’t be in because they weren’t old enough. Rydel, in my opinion, would be an amazing actress(:
Rydel is Pinkalicious all the way. She doesn’t like pink for no reason, though. Pink is Rydel favorite color because she had a little pony when she was little… that was pink! So awesome!(:
A little bit about Rydel’s life:
Rydel loves begin around her brothers. Rydel was born in Littleton, Colorado on August 9th 1993. Rydel has been in many musicals and movies may be found dancing. She has always had a passion for dancing and music. Rydel is usually the one who films the R5 TV’s and she is also the Editor of the family. As in she edits the music videos and the R5 TV’s.
Rydel has many Twitter and Facebook pages out there that are NOT her. Well, heres the real Rydel Lynch:
Rydel’s Twitter: @rydelR5
Rydel’s LIKE page: Rydel Lynch
Go to and check out where R5 will be going next and what’s coming up!
Make sure to go to the official R5 YouTube channel: R5 YouTube Channel

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Riker Anthony Lynch

Riker Lynch(:
Riker… Leader… Singer… Songwriter… Actor… These are just a few words to describe Riker Anthony Lynch.
Riker is one of the signers of the band and the base guitar. He’s the oldest of the band and is standing at 20! Riker has always had a passion for music. He is on the hit TV show, Glee. Riker is Jeff, the Warbler. He says he has saw half of a show before he tried out for the part, so right before the try out, he watch an episode with his sister and parents. He thought he it was pretty cool, so luck came to him and he got the part. Riker was also on the Disney XD show, Zeke and Luther. Riker was one of the “Goin’ Zoomin’” characters. He was the purple one(:. Also the whole R5 band will be having a part on a TV show coming up, so stay connected(:
A little bit of Riker’s life:
Riker on Glee
Riker’s favorite book is Harry Potter: the Deathly Hollows. Riker was born in Littleton, Colorado on November 8th 1991. One of Riker’s most embarrassing moments is when he was walking in circles in front of 10,000 people for the Glee Tour with his Warbler brothers, he tripped on his foot and ALMOST fell flat on his face. Riker’s favorite color is blue. If you would be an animal, he would be a giraffe.
Riker does have Twitter and Facebook, but us fans need to follow the right ones(:
Riker’s Twitter: @rikerR5
Riker’s LIKE PAGE on Facebook: (Will Be Coming(:)
Please comment(:
Make Sure to check out!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How R5 Changed My Life

R5.... When you say their name what or who do you think of? A rock/pop band? Ross and Riker? Well, I think of the band that changed my life. This band isn't just a band that has went from no ones to some ones in two seconds, their more then that! To me they truley my best friends. This band has helped me follow my dreams and live life like the glass is half full and not half empty.

How did Riker Change my life? Well Riker has been one of my favorites since the beginning! He taught me to follow my dreams and to keep my head held high! Riker has an Amazing Voice and great songs, and when I hear his voice I can feel motivation.

How Did Miss. Rydel change my life? Rydel is the only girl and shes toughing it out! She gotta get something for that! Haha. I just love Rydel. She changed my life by showing me I can be myself anywhere in the world.

How Did Ratliff Change My Life? Ratliff has taught me that Funny is what you need to keep a band or even a song to keep going. You dont have funny, or even Ratliff funny, nothing ever can be as fun as it could be!

How Did Musical Genious Rocky Change My life? Well, He taught me that you HAVE to flip your hair in every song or its never fun!! Im Just Kidding, Rocky has shown me a path way to be a singer. Like Riker, He told me to follow my dreams, keep my head held high, and flip that hair like theres no tomorrow!

How Did Ryland Change My life?... That is an excellent question... I dont talk to him as much I do everyone else. Ryland will always be part of the band, though! Managers Rule!!

And Best For Last... How Did My Best Friend Change My Life? Ross told me To look at the up side in life and never the down side. He told me to live life to the fullest. Ross has made a HUGE change in my life that I think will never change. I can really trust Ross and I feel I can tell Ross Anything In the world! Ross and I have became really close friends and I hope that never changes!

R5 is an amazing band and they have change my life forever and always! Love You Guys! Syd(:

Comment and tell me if R5 have changed your life... and tell me how!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ross Shor Lynch

Ross Shor Lynch, in my opinion, is an Amazing person! First off, he and the rest of the band live in Los Angeles, California. Ross has been a singer and dancer ever since he was 5. I thought that was amazing! Ross has grown up with 3 amazing brothers; Riker, Rocky, and Ryland, an awesome sister; Rydel, and their best friend, Ratliff. Ross has an amazing family and thats not even the half of it!

<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>
Ross Lynch!
Ross has grown up loving the color yellow. Everyone wants to know.... why yellow? Well he says, "The secret behind my love of yellow is that when I was a kid, I loved it because it was bright and reminded me of stars". Ross, like I said before, has been a singer and dancer ever since he was 5 and now he and his sibilings have family band called R5! He also has written a few songs from the R5 collection of songs. SPOILER ALERT! Ross says theres a new song coming out called, "Cali Girls". And he does say its a really good song!

Ross' brothers and sister is very important to him. He says when he was little, he really didn't need friends because he always had his brothers and sister by his side. Riker, Rocky, Ryland, Ratliff(best friend), and Rydel has always been there for Ross through thick and thin. Ross knows he can always count on his brothers and sister if he needs someone to talk to!(:

Ross has a new movie coming out in 2013 called, "Teen Beach Musical" and he is really excited for everyone to see it! Ross is also on the new Disney Channel series, Austin and Ally, and thats a very awesome show! Ross says he loves being on the set with everyone and having his friends around him:)

Ross has many Facebooks and Twitters that are NOT him, but here are the real ones:
@rossR5 - Business Twitter
@RossLynch16 - Interacting Twitter
Ross's Facebook

I just wanted to actually thank Ross for everything! He has taught me to follow my dreams and keep my head held high! I love you Ross! Thanks for everything!!!!

Please comment and tell me what you think about the blog or what you think about Ross(:

Monday, April 2, 2012

R5 Band Themselves

         Say You’ll Stay, Without You, and Can’t Get Enough of You are 3 of their songs, all their names start with “R”, and two band members are on reality TV shows. Have you guessed what band I’m talking about without looking at the top? R5 of course!!
        R5 band is made of 5 people: Riker Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ratliff. Their littlest brother Ryland Lynch is their manager. Ratliff isn’t blood related, but he is a brother to all of them. Ratliff’s first name is Ellington. And Rydel is the only girl of the band and the only sister, but she says its fun.

        Riker Lynch is the leader of the band. He mainly sings, but he also plays instruments with the band. Riker is the oldest of the band. Right now he’s 20. He’s favorite object, in my opinion, is probably his sun glasses. And one word to describe him is Leader or Amazing Singer (I guess that’s 2). Riker is on the hit TV show, “Glee”. Riker plays Jeff.
        Rydel Lynch is the keyboardist and a little bit of a singer. She is the only girl in the band! But she loves her brothers and you can never EVER see them arguing. Rydel is 18 and the 2nd or 3rd oldest of the band. Her favorite object for me is her tutus and her tiara. One word to describe Rydel would be… herself. I think she can be herself around anyone no matter who it is.
        Rocky Lynch is one of the guitarists of the band. He also sings.Right now Rocky is 17. I would think his favorite object is his guitar itself. And one word to describe Rocky would be Talented.
        (Ellington) Ratliff is the drummer of the band. And you can also see him being a background singer. Ratliff is the 2nd or 3rd oldest because him and Rydel are the same age. Ratliff is 18. I think Ratliff’s favorite object would be his drum sticks. And one word to describe him would be sarcastic/ funny.
        Ross Lynch is one of the Guitarist and singer. Riker and Ross are mainly the singers, but the other 3 are singers, too. Ross is the 5th oldest of the band, and the band calls him the “baby” of the band. Ross is 16. And I think his favorite objects are his bracelets and necklaces. One word to describe Ross (Well 2) would be Beautiful Singer. Ross is also on the new reality TV show on Disney Channel called“Austin and Ally”. Ross plays Austin.
        And little Ryland Lynch is the manager of the band. I believe Ryland is 15… I think. And, of course, he is the 6th oldest, or the youngest. Ryland’s object, I have to say, is moneyJ. And one word to describe Ryland is probably… Follower. I think he really likes to follow what his brothers and sister like to do, and there is NO problem with thatJ.
        Now that you know the band, choose your favorite member! You can also go to and watch R5 TV and you’ll get a little more… or should I say a lot more info on the members. I don’t like picking favorites, but I have to say… Riker and Ross are my favorite. It’s probably just because they’re the main singers. J
Please leave comments! If you want to, choose your favorite and go to and watch R5 TV and come comment your favorite!!